Our Vision

The institut espresso is about having fun! We want to have fun in running the site and when creating content. And we hope that visitors enjoy their time with us and have fun too.

In management this is probably alled a win-win situation.

And therefore our goal and vision is the general fun optimization. We promise that we as authors and operators of this site will do everything conceivable and possible to achieve the maximum fun from our activities. We also want to avoid anything that unnecessarily restricts the fun experience of our visitors.

Therefore, if they find that we lose sight of our goal, get in touch with us and help us on the right path (back).

Our Offer

Our offer can be found on these pages. Looking around is free. Everything else is negotiable.

Our Story

The institut espresso is still a young institution. We have practically just started. Therefore you will (yet) look in vain for a historical overview of the development of the institut espresso . A list of the previous heads of the institute with their respective major achievements you will (not yet ;=) find here. But there is one story we already want to tell you. This is the story of how it came to the name of the institut espresso .

Every company and also the company of this site needs a name.

In the search of a name we tried it with artificial words, puns, acronyms. But the really good things that we could come up with were all already in use: = (

But one day, during a discussion about experts in Austria, was discussed the question of what terms are actually protected: University, Expert, Institute, Council, etc.. (This is a topic that actually does not translate well as the whole concept of protected wordings seems typical german.) A quick search on the Internet revealed that the term institute is not protected and there are quite a number of different types of institutes.

  • University institutes
  • Research institutes
  • Institutes of Economics
  • Beauty Institute
  • Training institutes

And then some of us realized that they have always wanted to be the head of an institute anyway.

Thus the first part of the name was found, but the search was far from an end.

Research institutes and institutes at universities are often Institute for Something. So we've been looking for something that could fit into our Institute name. And that something should also give a nice short cut and maybe even make some sense and have a connection to waht the site has to offer. Not so easy. Actually impossible without a clear idea about what this anything is to which it should relate. All our choices either were to restrictive or to open ("Institute for Everything" didn't sound convincing either ).

Another group of institutions linked the institution with a catchy name: Dawn Institute, Institute sunshine, Lotus Institute, ... These are frequent names for beauty institutes or for esoteric bussinesses. But how does Lotus or sunshine relate to us?

Ultimately we arrived at institut espresso . It stands out from the universities, because it is to little academic. A beauty salon is likely not suspected behind the name. And also the esoteric corner would probably prefer institute with green tea. So we had a promising candidate.

Still missing is the link between the name and us: a cup of espresso is small (e.g. relative to a ordinary cup of coffee cream) - we are small (e.g. relative to an institute at the ETH). An espresso is strong - we are a strong team. And an espresso is good - as we are!

institut espresso somehow smells of speed, fast service and efficiency.

So we finally now got a name that suits us.

A question still open is whether there is a good and easy to remember abbreviation of the institutes name. We opted for ineso.ch . In ineso both words - institute (in) and espresso (es...o) - are still visible.

Furthermore ineso reminds of the acronym INES (International Nuclear Event Scale). This scale allows to compare the severity of nuclear accidents. The scale has values form 1 to 7, wherein the extent of the damage increases with increasing numerical values. In Switzerland, there is a further stage INES0: Events below the INES scale. In writing both acronyms look similar INES0 - ineso. And this is another good description of the institut espresso : Not dangerous, but not negligible.

Our Team

The website of the institut espresso as well as the institut espresso itself is the work of a variety, but mostly fictitious persons. To avoid the impression that everything has been compiledi, written and typed by only one person,, we almost always use plural.

So here is an overview of our team (hopefully we will not forget too many members of the team):

Incidentally, since we do not take ourselves to seripous, we write our names usually in small letters.

The Administrators

  • min(@) (pronounced admin) is the super-user and administrator who has allĀ§ the rights. He can delete, move, or otherwise mess up about everything.
  • max (@) is pronounced admax. Of course the opponent of the former. He wants everything, but he is not allowed to do everything. Well, thats how it goes sometimes.
  • [#@#] is the third administrator. He is pronounced admean is the intermediary who makes the work (or sometimes not =). Sometimes he can be quite mean.

The creative bunch

  • ubielert appears here and there, doing this and that. He appears again and again on different pages.
  • xxx called tricks. He knows the answer! (Sometimes)

The management

  • doc the head of the institute.
  • spoc the Consigliere (single point of contact).

Concept and Design

Cool web design for its own sake is NOT the design principle for this page. Rather, the idea was to experiment with a "Responsive Web Design", which looks acceptable on different devices. As a CSS framework, the choice fell on stacklayout. Otherwise, the motto is: Keep it simple.

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